Statement silver cloisonne pendant with Oriental pattern

Cloisonné enamel, sterling silver, copper

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This statement handmade pendant is made of cloisonne enamel, sterling silver and copper 1.574 inches(40 mm) in diameter. Its weight is 0.743 oz (21.07 gr). The Oriental theme comes after popular Chinese (or Japanese) cloud pattern. The clear pattern is good for classical, smart casual, minimalist and boho styles. 

The back side of each jewelry piece is as important as front one. This one is covered by the handmade engraving following the surface pattern. 

If you are the great man looking for anniversary premium gift for wife, this pendant can probably be something special!

Now, think how the Chinese clouds enamel pendant can influence you and people around you!? This pedant is not a simple decoration, but is also amulet and keeper joyful spirit.

Are you invited to special event? Imagine that lovely look you will have with this jewelry. Feel its weigh on your palm and take it on with - for example - evening or cocktail dress. If smart-casual style is your one and only favorite feel free to take it on with any of your cardigans, suits ore sweat-shots. 

BTW, this cloisonne jewelry is one-of-a-kind, exactly like you. Be exceptional in many senses!

Enamel jewelry are quite sturdy in wearing. The only limitation is: avoid dropping to hard surfaces - like stones, floor tiles, etc. Normally enamel jewelry is pure pleasure which also easy wearing. 

Buy it and get your own enamel satisfaction!


Note: the image on the photo might be bigger than the actual size of the item in order to show details clearly.

Size diameter outer: 40 mm (1.574 in); diameter inner: 20 mm (0.787 in)
Weight 0.743 oz (21.07 gr)
Material sterling silver, copper, cloisonne enamel
Colour yellow, white, black
Features back side texture