Blue cloisonne enamel cross

Cloisonne enamel, sterling silver

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The fish was the sacred symbol of the First Christians during years of persecution. Thanx to this Japaneese textures of fish squama this silver cross becomes even more symbolic connecting to the roots.
Enamel is one of the most appropriate matherials to convey the radiance and inner depth of the squama.

This small pendant can show the depth of your devotion to the person you love. And as well be the gesture of the friendship.

Better way to wear:
- like pendant - on the middle-sized chain or neck wrap;
- like brooch - on different type of English and safety pins.


Size 17x17 mm (0.66x0.66 in)
Weight 2,8 gr (0.098 oz)
Material серебро 925, эмаль
Colour голубой, малиновый