Уникальное метеоритное кольцо "Space Vagabond"

Коллекционный метеорит, часть палласита Imilac, серебро 925

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This statement ring is true unique jewelry. Both because of design and stone choice. Peace of Imilac pallacite (one of meteorite kinds) with olivine pieces nicely placed into the iron background is the guest from the Far Space where the mix of materials is appeared. Fine cutting and polishing are great for such small one. All olivine crystals are unbroken.
Special feeling arise inside when putting it on the finger: just imagine Thousands of years and Thousands of kilometers passed by untill landed to Earth!
We made One-of-a-Kind ring design to align its natural beauty. The frame has individual shape design. Although it looks little bit unususal, the one is comfortable to wear.

It took one year to create the jewelry from the beginning to the end. From the Imilac purchase till the final touch of jeweller`s hands.

Размер 8 US | 18 DE/RU
Вес 16.7 гр (0.589 унц.)
Материалы Imilac палласит метеорит, серебро 925
Цвет металлик, оливковый
Особенности collection Pallacite "Imilac" stone