Red anatomical heart pendant

Hot enamel, sterling silver

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This red anatomical heart pendant is handmade of hot enamel and sterling silver. Its size is 0.708x0.433 inches (18x11 mm) and weight is 0.092 oz (2.63 gr). The enamel necklace is good for classical, smart casual, minimalist and boho styles. Handmade jewelry.

It is your opened human heart you are not afraid to show the World. The pendant is for brave ones!

If you are the great man looking for premium gift for your girl-friend or your beloved woman, this Brutalist heart is one can definitely be Something Exceptional!
Gift Your Heart to trusted Beloved.

If smart-casual style is your one and only favorite feel free to take it on with any of your cardigans, suits ore sweat-shots.

Enamel jewelry are quite sturdy in wearing. The only limitation is: avoid dropping to hard surfaces suck as stones, floor tiles, etc. Normally enamel jewelry is easy wearing pure pleasure.

Buy it and get your enamel satisfaction!


Note: the image on the photo might be bigger than the actual size of the item in order to show details clearly. Enamel is capricious for photographing, that's why colors on the photos can look little different comparing to original jewelry.

Size 0.708x0.433 inches (18x11 mm)
Weight 0.092 oz (2.63 gr)
Material sterling silver, hot enamel
Colour red