"Hearts and Apples" Enamel Ring

cloisonne enamel, sterling silver

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This ring has the classical circle shape of silver and decorated with the cloisonne enamel plate.
These two parts connected together precisely. Geometrical pattern is the combination of hearts and apples shapes.
Sometimes on the distance it reminds playing cards theme.
The style is modern and graphical.

We recommend to have the ring on the third and wedding fingers, although it looks good on index finger as well(depends of the personal preferances and finger size). It is visible and looks awesome. Try it with different styles of the clothes: cocktail, casual and smart-casual and business as well - and enjoy the usage!

Believe, it will be the bright accessory in your jewelry box.

Size 5 3/4 US | 16,5 DE/RUS
Weight 10.02 gr (0.354 oz)
Material Cloisonne enamel, sterling silver
Colour white, green, black