Enamel bracelet "Immediacy"

Cloisonne enamel, sterling silver, copper, zircones, natural indian rubber, black ebony

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This bracelet has modern simple and clear look. What is that pattern?

The enamel reveals harmonic rhythms of colors and forms. It is a rhythm of your favorite city lights at night. What does it mean for us - those who can stare at such a view? It probably means sweet home and comfort waiting for us inside. It means enigma of every unique life-story. The mystery of night magic calls us to streets and inspires us trying its taste.

Enjoy the night in city!

We made enamel image on a copper plate with copper septa. After that, we made silver frame for that. Finally we used black indian rubber strap. Possible to adjust the bracelet for any wrist(by demand). Also we added the thin strip of black ebony to one of the bids.

Size enamel: 55х11 mm (2.165x0.433 in), total length: 180 mm (7.086 in)
Weight 33.42 gr (1.179 oz)
Material Cloisonne enamel, sterling silver, fianites, ebony
Colour orange, yellow, purple, black
Features indian rubber base, 6 orange and 6 green fianites