"Heart Geometry" Enamel bracelet

Cloisonne enamel, sterling silver and natural indian rubber

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The most favourite and common image to describe Love is the Heart shape. And as Love has many dimentions, so the image can contain different images. Love can be wide, full, deep, long, containt, and so on, and so forth. Seems like it has its own geometry. Enamel image is built on simple geometrial forms but it fixed into nice frame, feminine and light.

And awe want you to wear the bracelet comfortably every day (of course, if you`d like to) that`s why hypo-allerhenic braslet from natural Indian rubber is attached here. The colour fits to the enamel and also it is very light while having on the wrist.

It is also important to have safe and handy lock. Be sure, that one - totally handmaded - holds on very good. You`ll definitely forget about any concern during the day.

Size length: 190 mm (7.480 in); enamel: 28x32 mm (1.102x1.259 in)
Weight 27.80 gr (0.981 oz)
Material Cloisonne enamel, sterling silver, indian rubber
Colour violet, light green, milky white, blue
Features indian rubber base