"Hugs" Guilloche Enamel Ring

Guilloche enamel, sterling silver

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It contains antique Guilloche enamel!

Proud to present this unique ring, one-of-a-kind, which has its own history. The ring is oriented on stylish ladies. It joins aristocratic enamel aroma of past era and new designers’ ideas. Take a look on the ring to see fusion of different concepts, which look very harmonic.
The Guilloche enamel that decorates this ring is nearly 100 years old. It is taken from relics of the old cover ornament made by an unknown German craftsman. Modern jeweler experts say that it is not possible to get such delicate shade of pink enamel color. There were genius masters the century ago, weren’t they?! Someone DID create this masterpiece of art!

The Guilloche technique, and thus the ring’s style are very elegant. The technique is very complicated, and therefore you can hardly find it is used in modern works. Emoshine, being inspired by amazing investigations, has designed this ring and successfully used this technique. Take a look on the ring - asymmetric outlines make fingers look a bit longer, hence your hand looks even more subtle.

The ring is made in a quite concise style, which is basically emphasized by its shape and specific cuts on silver ornament. Consider the ring as a bright example craftsmanship from the past, nowadays admiration, and an investment to future.

Size 6 1/2 US | 17,5 (adjustable) DE/RU
Weight 12,05 gr (0.530 oz)
Material Guilloche enamel, sterling silver
Colour clear pink
Features rare antique pink guilloche enamel