Ebony wood silver enamel pendant

Ebony wood, sterling silver, hot enamel, handmade

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This cross is made of real Ebony wood, sterling silver and spot of red hot enamel in the center of the cross. Its size is 1.181x0.826 inches (30х21 mm) and weight is 6.19 gr (0.218 oz). 
This Christian jewelry is totally handmade. It is simple and dainty. The cross shape is organic and made after hand drawing saving irregular shape of the brush. The jewelry looks static but it has dynamic and tension inside thanx to all shape and red enamel heart in the cross center.

How to wear:
we suggest you to use the long chain of white metal together with sweater, raglan, smart casual dress. It also looks goo like the brooche. Just use the apparel pin for fitting it to the winter coat or knitted hat.

You can also wear it close to the skin - the touch of Ebony wood is warm and natural.


Note: the image on the photo might be bigger than the actual size of the item in order to show details clearly. Enamel is capricious for photographing, that's why colors on the photos can look little different comparing to original jewelry.

Size 1.181x0.826 inches (30х21 mm)
Weight 6.19 gr (0.218 oz)
Material sterling silver, hot enamel, Ebony wood, handmade
Colour black, silver, red