Blue Christmas tree cloisonne pendant with yellow citrine

Cloisonne enamel, sterling silver, yellow citrine 2mm diameter, handmade

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Shop this cute Christmas tree necklace for coming soon celebrations made of sterling silver and color cloisonne enamel. 
Its size is 0.944x0.708 in (24x18 mm), weight is 0.094 oz (2.66 gr) with yellow citrine 2 mm diameter. 

Searching for Festival time jewelry? Here it is! The pendant looks great with sweater, jacket, dress, t-shirt and so on!

Try it with short choker chain or rope. It also looks good with middle length chain.
Be creative! Make your outfit unique and irresistible!

Get your enamel jewelry satisfaction!


Note: the image on the photo might be bigger than the actual size of the item in order to show details clearly. Enamel is capricious for photographing, that's why colors on the photos can look little different comparing to original jewelry.

Size 0.944x0.708 in (24x18 mm)
Weight 0.094 oz (2.66 gr)
Material sterling silver, cloisonne enamel
Colour blue, red, orange
Features yellow zircon