Silver cloisonne pendant "Apricot blossoming"

Cloisonné enamel, sterling silver, copper

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This pendant is from my ZEN Collection. Current one is silver and copper brother - the Amber Dawn. Enamel is placed on copper plate and the jewelry frame is silver. The enamel image is inspired by elegant Japaneese prints of Nature. The carefully collected enamel colors convey the impression of warm sun-set moments. 

It is know that Appricot is the tree of Long Life in Eastern tradition. And Long Life is directly connected to the Wisdom person aquires as a result which is most presaures thing (not mentioning Health, of course). 

The enamel image is a bit abstract to fit every day wearing with different types of the clothes.

We always care about look of the jewelry backing. Here added special cell-texture which is in line with honey color of face-side background.

Pendant is sophisticated accessory for your image full of simplicity similar to Zen tradition and exclusivity.

Diameter outer: 40 mm (1.574 in); diameter inner: 20 mm (0.787 in)
Weight: 21.15 gr (0.711 oz)
Features: special backing cell-texture.


Note: the image on the photo might be bigger than the actual size of the item in order to show details clearly. Enamel is capricious for photographing, that's why colors on the photos can look little different comparing to original jewelry.

Size diameter outer: 40 mm (1.574 in); diameter inner: 20 mm (0.787 in)
Weight 21.15 gr (0.711 oz)
Material sterling silver, cloisonne enamel
Colour honney yellow, orange, milky white, red
Features back side texture