Amanita Mushrooms cloisonne handmade necklace

Cloisonné enamel, sterling silver, copper

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Don’t you think these bright spotty mushrooms enrapture us in the forest? 
Amanita`s red caps and white markings attract our look and delight us with their variegation. We admire them, and leave them to forest thicket inhabitant, preserving colorful images in our minds. The "Mushrooms" medallion is devoted to these wonderful experiences. Our mushrooms twine in the frame and posing close-up. 

Take a close look and you will see a small snail, moving smoothly on a colorful rim. This pendant will bring lively happy mood to you!

Size diameter: 35 mm (1.377 in)
Weight 16.8 gr (0.578 oz)
Material sterling silver, enamel, copper
Colour red, white, green, yellow