"Fusion" Enamel stone ring

Cloisonne enamel, sterling silver, "princess cutting" zircon

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This statement ring is to be great and luxuries gift accessory in the jewel box of those women who feel they are brave and tender Goddess.

Inspite on massive banded-kind shape it looks elegant. Easy touch of tribal African styles is mixed with modern shape interpretaton. Combining enamel geometry pattern with clear and laconic zirconium lines creates fusion impression. Like standing on the edge between two eras!

Take a look at specific dark cuts on silver - that is what I hope - looks like scratches on the stem
of old tree associated to wide African scopes.

Enamel size: 23х17 mm (0.9x0.66 in)

The ring can be worn together with brooch "Jasper fantasy" from this collection:

It will also looks good with different fasion styles: from smart casual to business dinners. Try to wear it in different unusual clothes combinations.


Size 8 US | 18 (adjustable +/- 0.5 size) DE/RU
Weight 19,7 gr (0.69 oz)
Material Cloisonne enamel, sterling silver, zirconium "princess cutting" 6х6 mm (0.23x0.23in)
Colour emerald, creamy, porcelain color, chocolate brown, grey
Features graphical dark stroke curving