Lili Lutsenko,
Enamellist, Jewelry designer

I believe that enamel decorations DO contain and share emotions. Regular metal decorations are good enough themselves, but when metal gets colors – theAlchemy takes place. Color always surrounds us everywhere. Color enables us to express and create our mood. Colored enamel, on metal decorations, exposes specific inner glow. That is why the shop is named Emoshine - Emotions and Shining. Colors and emotions are on every stage: at the very beginning of creatinga piece of art, and on the final stage, when a person first tries his/her enamel decoration. It is very hard (almost impossible) to find proper words and/or images, which could explain these feelings. On the other hand, a singlemeeting with enamelis required to keep this shine in your heart forever!


First, we draw a sketch of enamel decoration. Next, we transfer it on the metal pattern and make necessary partition (we use tweezers to curve thin pieces of metal. Then we add enamel powders – colored and glass sand. Next we put the decoration into the special muffle oven having up to 800 C°temperature.In addition, we use a number of other things: acid, grinding wheels, brushes, scissors, a variety of rasp-files, and so on. Do not forget about the final steps – this is when the real alchemy occurs.



Any valuable product is a result of cohesive teamwork – hands, ideas, and aspiration of people, who understand and encourage each other. All of us are professionals. Each of us carries out his/her responsibility properly.